Requirements for Members:

Electraphysics only accepts members that are:


  •     Portfolio Managers.
  •     Funds (Pension, Mutual, Exchange-Traded, Venture Capital and Hedge Funds).
  •     UHWNIs with qualified Portfolio Manager(s) and/or Financial Advisor(s).




The portfolio manager or fund must be regulated under one of the following:



  •     US SEC (United States)
  •     CFTC (United States)
  •     FINRA (United States)
  •     IIROC (Canada)
  •     FINMA (Switzerland)
  •     SBA (Switzerland)
  •     FCA (United Kingdom)
  •     SFC (Hong Kong)
  •     CRFin (Russia)
  •     ASIC (Australia)
  •     CySEC (Cypress)
  •     DFSA (Dubai)
  •     CECEI (France)
  •     BaFin (Germany)
  •     BSE (India)
  •     MAS (Singapore)
  •     SPK (Turkey)
  •     ASF (Romania)
  •     FMA (New Zealand)
  •     FSA (Japan)
  •     HFSA (Hungary)



For more information, contact member services.


Visitors that are not Portfolio Managers/Funds:


Electraphysics does not accept individuals from the general public directly.


Individuals that want to benefit from Electraphysics MNLSH may go through our partner funds and request direct investment in MNLSH or include MNLSH in their portfolio at the partner fund.






















This enables us to allocate resources to maintain and innovate our successful return generation technology - MNLSH.









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