Members @ Electraphysics


Membership includes:


  • Returns - redeemable monthly.
  • Transparent, 3rd party verified, performance reporting systems.
  • Online redemption and fund transfer system.
  • Integrated currency conversion services at interbank rates.
  • Electronic Security Key.
  • Support via e-mail, phone and live help-desk.
  • Free Membership.  Full access to MNLSH.


This is ideal if you do not require MNLSH R-ALGO.


Contributions are directly managed by Electraphysics.


Read our C-policy for more information.


Account Set-Up


Open your account in two ways.




Easy account set-up in just 1 hour.


Fund your account with:


  • Debit Card (2.9% charge applied by processor)
  • Bank/Wire or E-Transfer (0% charge, best method)


or In-person



Our office is equipped with EMV-Chip machines, so you may securely use your card.


Fund your account with:


  • Debit Card (2.65% charge applied by processor)
  • Bank/Wire or E-Transfer (0% charge, best method)




There is no minimum or maximum contribution amount.


Speak to us Online or visit us in-person for consultation.


Our C-Policy ensures that members join responsibly.


Simple Structure, Fees and Redemption



No Management Fees.


MNLSH operates on an automated high-performance 96-core server.


Humans are not directly involved.


Efficient business processes with low overhead, passing those savings to you.


Performance based compensation.


Members receive 70% of the profit return.


Electraphysics receives 30% of the profit return.





Redeem up to 100% of funds in early as 30 days.


Withdrawals are easy, efficient and completed fully online.






The following redemption transfer options are available.


For members in Canada:


  • Local Bank Transfer.
  • Wire Transfer.
  • Cheque.


For international members outside of Canada:



Outgoing transfers are performed in the first week of the month.


Structure focus and philosophy



Electraphysics cash-transfer system and algorithmic approach is designed to maintain efficient and liquid redemption.


This is our commitment to protect member confidence and trust; defining a higher standard for quality of experience.


Interested in joining as a Member?


Learn more, contact member services for more information.


Documents required to open an account.







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