Cryptographic Security


Biometric Authentication

Electraphysics utilizes biometric authentication.


Members may log-in or perform secure functions without using a password.


Members do not need to remember long passwords.


The one click log-in process is quick, seamless and highly secure.


Fingerprints are not stored.


Your mobile phone or fingerprint USB key communicates with Electraphysics and together, securely agree to create a unique cryptographic "code" unique to our servers linked to the fingerprint.


The generated code is stored and communicated - not the fingerprint.


To circumvent a generated code, using brute force would take millions of years.


Electronic Security Key Authentication

Electraphysics utilizes a physical security key for authentication.


This USB security key functions similar to a physical key.


This option does not use biometrics.


Members insert the physical security key in a USB port when required for authentication to gain access or to perform secure functions.


"But what if somebody copies my USB key?"


Files related to authentication are not stored on the USB security key.


When Electraphysics reads your security key, it contacts the firmware that is stored on the electronics of the key.  Firmware is software that is stored directly on a chip/circuit.


Electraphysics will "read the circuit" - not a file.


There is nothing for a malicious person to copy.


Issues regarding lost/stolen keys are nonexistent in the biometric option.


Electraphysics can deactivate any lost/stolen key when necessary.


"How would I log in from my mobile phone with a USB key?"


The security key has NFC functionality.  This means, you can tap your key on your phone to be authenticated.


One or both of the above options may be chosen by members for secure authentication.


Encrypted Communication

Send and receive encrypted e-mail.


This option is available for members that require higher communication security and privacy.  Supply a public key to receive encrypted e-mail.


Electraphysics implements PGP encryption.


Use the public key below, ensure our translator is switched to English.


Version: BCPG C# v1.6.1.0





















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