Required Documents for Personal Membership Account.

To open a Membership Account, the following documents are required to comply with Federal Government KYC/AML policies, Electraphysics internal compliance and risk policies.


All received documents are held with the strictest of confidentiality, privacy and are encrypted.


These documents can be submitted Online only (automated encryption).


1. Digital Scan of valid Government-issued ID (both sides).

          Example: Driver's license, Passport etc.

          Your ID is required so that we may know who you are (AML/KYC).


2. Proof of Address.

          Example: Utility bill, phone bill etc.

          This proof must indicate your address and name etc.

          If your ID contains an address, then this is not required.

          Proof of address is required to understand where our members originate (AML/KYC).


3. Income, Bank Account or Statement of Financial Position.

         Required to develop specific allocation and risk-metrics appropriate for your portfolio.

         Balanced portfolios are created to protect a member from themselves and

         minimize their risk. These documents are standard requirements.


4. Optional: Proof of suitability.

         If you have work experience in an investment-related profession or hold designations

         in finance/investment related fields i.e. CSC, CFA, CIM, MBA (Finance) or equivalent.

         Or you can prove many years of trading experience, the maximum amount you may

         contribute can be higher and you are allowed to participate in experimental strategies.

         Combined with #3, there is no maximum contribution amount.


Note: For AML purposes.  The method used to fund your account will be the same method used to receive funds when you redeem. For example: If you use Bank account XYZ to fund your account, when you choose to redeem funds, XYZ account may only be used to redeem your funds.


An account is only considered "open" when it is funded. There is no minimum amount.


For business/institutional accounts: Your organization must meet requirement #2 and #3 and at least one senior-member must meet requirement #1, #2 and #4.  Contact member services for more information.




The base minimum to get started is:


1. Digital Scan: Government-issued ID.

2. Digital Scan: Proof of Address.

3. Digital Scan: Income, Bank Account or Assets/Holdings Statement (Financial Position).


Optional documents may be sent later.



- Electraphysics Team








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