Convenient Portfolio Management for Portfolio Managers

MNLSH Remote Portfolio Management (R-ALGO)



The power of MNLSH directly in your portfolios.


MNLSH R-ALGO transmits trades directly to your systems.


Portfolio management without possession of your funds.

Member Profile


  • Portfolio Managers
  • Banks
  • Pension Funds
  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Hedge Funds
  • UHWNIs


Automated Execution and Alerts


  • Automated trade management.
  • SMS Text Notifications.
  • E-mail Notifications.

Customized Portfolio Configuration



Modify RR objectives by adjusting configuration parameters.


Easy to use.  Customize MNLSH on your portfolio.


Optimize a customized risk-return profile.

Keep funds in your Bank



Retain funds locally and maintain liquidity.


MNLSH R-ALGO connects to 51+ institutions.


Contact us for list of supported Banks, LPs and Brokers.

Performance and Behaviour Observation



Observe MNLSH trade directly on your system.


Analyze and assess behaviour on simulation/demo accounts.


Maximize Return Performance

and Lower Risk


Historical return:  ~14-35% CAGR


Active and tactical portfolio management with strategies suitable for AUM that require high capacity.


Diversify and lower your risk.  Low correlation to the S&P500 and managed mutual funds.


Reduce portfolio variance and maximize returns.

Retain 100% of Performance


No performance fee.


A profitable solution for funds managing 10m-100m+.


Focus on challenging business processes, raising AUM, investor relations and management.


MNLSH can manage return generation work.


A low, flat monthly fee with a very helpful guarantee.


Contact us for pricing.

Negative Performance Rescue



Is your fund suffering a negative month or year?


MNLSH can help reverse your realized drawdown and bring you back into positive territory.


Defer psychological responsibility and stress to MNLSH.


Use MNLSH R-ALGO as long as you need for recovery with contractual assurance of confidentiality.

Relax and Enjoy



High-capacity fund management up to $100 bln USD (capability).


MNLSH can help organizations of varying size.

Do not require R-ALGO? Join with free membership, enjoy the same benefits, directly managed by Electraphysics.

Electraphysics MNLSH R-ALGO







     MNLSH-FIX Trial.


This trial is for a maximum of 1 year only.


14-day refund available.  No questions asked.


In the rare event of a losing month, Electraphysics pays for the next month.


Contact us for pricing.










  • 100% of performance return.
  • 10% performance fee is waived.



14-day refund available.  No questions asked.


In the rare event of a losing month, Electraphysics pays for the next month.


Contact us for pricing.

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Feel free to contact R-ALGO services for more information.


We are happy to help.








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