C-Policy for Members

The general public is restricted from investing in hedge funds.


In most provinces and other countries around the world, the investor must meet Accredited Investor status.


You must have:


  • $300,000/year annual income combined with a spouse or $200,000/year annual income individually.
  • $1,000,000 in liquid assets, not including primary residence.


If you meet these requirements, you are allowed to invest as little as $100 in hedge-funds.


If you do not meet these wealth requirements, you must invest at least $150,000 to participate in a hedge fund.


These rules restrict most from access, if you do not meet accredited investor status.



Our Solution



Electraphysics welcomes people from all economic backgrounds.


Those that do meet accredited investor status and those who do not.


For this reason, we have adopted a Contribution Policy (C-Policy).  It is a legal structure.


This policy allows a Member to join if their contribution to Electraphysics is not considered an investment.


You are then not required to meet any minimum wealth requirements or minimum contributions to participate.


Electraphysics will pay on contributions and make it easy to access your entire contribution for redemption.


However, legally you must accept that your contribution is a donation that is a property of Electraphysics.


Members should only contribute a level given this knowledge.


It must be understood and accepted that membership in Electraphysics is not an investment.


Feel free to test-drive our Datafeed risk-free to ensure the authenticity and reliability of our advanced systems.


If you would like more information, feel free to contact member services.







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