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Electraphysics manages relationships with members in 5 geographical areas.


  • Canada
  • United States
  • UK/Europe
  • Middle-East (Dubai)
  • India (New Delhi)



Benefits & Culture



Career Progression:



We are a small company that maintains an efficient force with fewer people of high caliber and abilities.


This arrangement also enables a higher and better distribution of personal income.


At our current-size, there is room to move faster to greater positions of responsibility.


Your contribution would have a massive impact and influence on our growth and future.







We have relationships with a few members around the world.


Enjoy all-expensed paid travel for conducting business on our account.


Travel occurs in situations where video-conference will not perform the function required.




Holidays & Vacation Time:



Our business is organized and structured in a way where holidays are integrated into our logic.


We provide 12 weeks (3-months) paid holidays every year.


Typically they are structured around periods of low-volatility/volume in global markets determined by MNLSH.


Holidays occur during Christmas and Summer (July, August).


Enjoy 4 weeks (1-month) during Christmas/New Year and 8 weeks (2-months) during the Summer.


They align perfectly with school holidays (if you have children).






We have thought carefully about how to build an environment that is friendly and inclusive.


Our philosophies are based on research in education.


A diverse, inclusive environment where everybody feels respected is encouraged and enforced.



Our team members:



  • Are competent with technology and the Internet.
  • Think out of the box.
  • Have good natural intelligence and general knowledge.
  • Know the difference between knowledge and intelligence.
  • Have a University degree - but not always.
  • Write and converse well.
  • Usually have a portfolio of independent work and projects done in their spare time.
  • Enjoy reading, may spend much time on Wikipedia.
  • Are friendly and polite.
  • Are culturally sensitive and aware.
  • Have a good sense of humour.
  • Maybe organized, but generally, "knows where everything is."
  • Have an education level of "none" to PhD.


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